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Blood Cleanup and Sanitizing

9/29/2016 (Permalink)

Trust SERVPRO for Blood and Bio- Hazardous Cleanup in Columbus

SERVPRO Thoughtfully Removes Blood and Other BioHazards from Your Property

America has many great features, but like any other country, crime still exists. Other tragedies also occur at times. When one happens in your family, some people can take care of the situation professionally and with a caring, sympathetic approach. At SERVPRO, we've been trained to clean almost any type of problem, and blood clean up is one of them. Because of the biohazard risk involved, it is always recommended that professional cleanup is conducted. This cleanup eliminates the risk to you and your family, and it can also help ensure that all traces of blood are removed.

Blood is difficult to clean up. In Columbus, blood cleanup can be carried out by our professionals from SERVPRO. We are trained to carry out the intricate and detailed work of blood and biohazard cleanup. Many different situations may require this in your home or that of a loved one. Simple, clean up from a small spill is insignificant compared to that of a tragedy in the family. If you find yourself facing such a situation, please know that you do not have to force yourself to carry the burden yourself by cleaning up a loved one's blood. Not only can this be emotionally traumatic, but it can also be a health hazard. Even though you know your family member, some health problems are unknown even to the person who has them. There's no reason to put yourself at risk. Allow SERVPRO to alleviate your stress.

Another reason professionals should conduct blood cleanup is that because of the proteins and metals in blood, it can not only stain many items in your home, but it also has a distinctive scent to it that can linger unless all traces are removed. Until removal is complete, the risk of biohazard contamination exists. Other times, blood can originate from a stranger, or even from an animal. Blood in your home from these sources should always be eliminated professionally.

When we at SERVPRO conduct blood cleanup tasks, we examine everything in the area that may have become contaminated with blood. The earlier we can begin, the sooner we can complete the work. This is because blood dries to a hard but sticky consistency. When blood is on porous surfaces, cleaning can be extensive in scope, sometimes requiring three or more times to ensure all traces have been lifted out of the item in question and then removed. While non-porous items such as metal or wood are easier to clean, detailing and engraving can require extensive cleaning, as well. Our intention is to show you we understand that you are experiencing a difficult time, possibly the most difficult in your life and that we can ensure that you do not have to face the tragedy again every time you enter your home.

If your family is faced with a tragedy or other event requiring blood cleanup, please call us. You can reach SERVPRO of South Columbus at (614) 863-1392 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Raw Sewage Backup

5/12/2016 (Permalink)

This raw sewage backup was 2 inches deep and had a milkshake consistency and very very putrid before stirring it up!!

Sewer backups can be some of the most nasty situations a residential or commercial client can encounter.  Often times the only way it is discovered is by the rancid smell that works up to the living and working areas.  This odor can make the most seasoned restoration professional sick to their stomach.  So my message here is, please think about your personal protection--the raw sewage can be extremely dangerous and filled with gases, virus', bacterial, and fungi--all of which are on the surface and airborne and can create health issues and sickness.  So a tip:  Do not just jump right in and tackle this job without proper planning, which starts with a question--should I be doing this or calling a professional?  If you choose to do it yourself, then educate yourself for the safety of yourself and others in the household or business.  Even if you go down and try to sweep, shovel, etc  a little bit, then you are at risk and that decomposing feces and other particles will be almost unbearable to an unprotected nose and mouth--you might even throw up!!  I recommend you NOT tackling it, and just call for a pro...SERVPRO!  

 SERVPRO employees have all the PPE (personal protective equipment) and the proper training and products to tackle such jobs, while minimizing harm to themselves and others.  We know how to contain the situation and neutralize it!  Call SERVPRO of South Columbus to assist!  614-863-1382.